Monday, May 30, 2005

Productive Sunday

Well today I had a very Productive Sunday!!! After catching up on all my house work I was able to spend the afternoon working on my Masters stuff - I finished my Beyond the Page item and have started on my single LO. Hopefully I will be able to spend some good quality time this week on the rest. No sport this weekend so the kids have a relaxing weekend playing the xbox and board games.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Today has been very very brrrrrrr - our coldest day yet. I spent the day cleaning up my scraproom so that I could get a start on finshing all my class items from last weekend.

No sport this weekend so I hope I can manage some good quality time getting them all finished(Yes Lee I will post them as soon as I have finished. Yeah I received My reflections today my winter Layout is there along with Nic's as well way to go Nic.

Today the school had it's fortnightly assembly Year 2 which is Royce's class, hosted the assembly. Royce and two other girls in his class were the speakers. Royce spoke very well and he also managed to receive an award for Pride and Prensentation of his workbook (he could be a scrapbooker yet lol) and Chelsea also received an award for excellent effort hearing and recording sounds in words. WELL DONE KIDS!!!!!! We have finally heard that we will be getting a new Principal next Term Mr Griffith from Albury has been appointed.

I am off to babysit my sisters threee under threee children tonight, thanks god they are all good :0).

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Weekend at ISC

Well were do I start - what a fantastic weekend. Arrived Friday morning met up with some friends and checked out the shops. Friday night had a great tea and met some girls that I only knew by name online, It was great to put a name to a face. Spent the night in the crop room just chatting and looking at some fantastic work.

The classes were all great and again Heidi was so inspiring. Her handwriting class was fantastic. The mall was chock a block with her products and lots of others - my suitcase weighed 9kg more on the way home :0). The gala dinner was a great night with all the girls having great costumes - especially the cocktails girls.

Well it's extra time in the footy and I have no nails left - or bugger Bowen has intercepted bugger bugger :0(

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Friday, May 20, 2005

PACKING!!! :0)

Yesterday was spent all day at Royce's combined school's Cross Country, Royce did very well racing in the Under 8's and 9's coming in third place. 1st and 2nd went to the two 9 year old boys so Royce was the first 8 year home.... great work Royce!!!! Now he is off to Harden to compete in the Riverina Cross Country.

Today has been spent packing my gear for the ISC at the Gold Coast and just trying to get the kids gear ready. With sport on the weekend they need lots of gear organised. My husband thinks I am mad but I have each days clothes etc in the kids rooms in neat piles with cards stating what day to wear!!! (I know what he is like).

Can't wait for tomorrow - up early to catch the plane at 6.30 which will get me to Coolangatta at 11.00, will be good to catch up with all the girls.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Miss Chelsea

Chels1_1 Chels6


  My little Miss Chelsea

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Well today was a very busy day.... I had an appointment in Wagga at 10.00 which is about an hour away then I had to be back by 12.00 for the children's book fair. Well as usual my doctor was running late therefore I was late to the school. Well chelsea was so upset as she thought I was not going to see her work. By the time I got to her classroom she started to cry, then I neally started crying because I felt so bad for being late.  But I was able to see her work and of course it was fabulous!!! and then K, 1 and 2 sang to the parents.

The kids picked out there books and we read them tonight by the fire. So Chelsea was happy with the books he selected.

Royce has his cross country tomorrow and Chelsea has Jazz so my day is pretty busy tomorrow, I still have to pack bags for ISC and organise my kids for the weekend. But I will get there :0), can't wait for the weekend.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Lazy Sunday!!!

Well today was a very lazy not so productive Sunday - which I guess is how they should be. Chelsea had a sleepover at her friends for her 6th birthday her very first birthday for kindy and then she had another today she was so tired by tea time .

Royce played football at Boorowa yesterday - they had a win and his mate stayed for the night and they both watched the footy Saturday Night till I finally pushed them to bed!!! (THEY LIVE FOR FOOTY)

We sometimes go the club for Sunday lunch, we all enjoy this, Royce loves to have Roast Chicken - then it was home to my ironing GREAT!!!

Well I have a very busy week this week which includes packing for ISC Gold Coast YIPEEEEE!!!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Saturday with Rebekka Erickson

Rebekka_e Well I headed off this morning at 8.00am to Young, which is about an hour away from Gundagai to do an "Off the Page" workshop with Rebekka Erickson. It was a great day, Rebekka is very nice and the classes were very casual. We made three items - a Quote Sampler Book a Spiral Bound Book and a CD Tin Mini Album. Her range of papers are quite impressive. Iw ill post some samples when I finish them off.

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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Excellent work Chelsea!!!! Today at the School Assembly Chelsea received her Bronze award. Our school as a system for crediting outstanding students. There are 3 levels Bronze, Silver and the biggie GOLD. To get to each level the students needs to have received 5 achievement awards. So each time you get 5 you go up a level it is very hard to get to Gold and not all students do so by the end of the year. Chelsea was very excited and posed of course for the camera.

Chelsea_broze Bronze

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Friday, May 13, 2005

30th Birthday

Today was to be my good friend Kellie's 30th birthday.

Happy Birthday KellieKel_smart 

Kellie died while travelling in India in June 2003. At first it was thought that Kellie was a victim of the heatwave which had caused 100's of deaths already in India. When actually Kellie had menigitis. She was so full of life and loved to travel. She had been to New Zealand, Thailand & Vietnam & for 2 years she spend time working throughout England, Europe & Africa.

    I miss her very much and will have a few wines for her tonight.


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The kids competed in the yearly School Cross Country on Thursday of last week. They both competed very well and received a ribbon for their efforts. Royce had to run 2km with the 8 & 9 years boys. He came in 3rd and is now off to the next level to compete for Riverina representation. Chelsea ran 1km and was so proud of herself her very first Cross Country and she crossed the line in first place with the biggest smile.

Well Done to you both!!!



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My very first ENTRY

Well I have finally got my Blog up and running! A huge thanks to my best buddy Lee for introducing me to the the BLOG SCENE. Have often looked but I never ever dreamed I would start my own - that was until I saw Lee's and her's looks totally fabulous.

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