Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And she can RUN.........

Well in an earlier post I told you all Chelsea had her very first age race at school. On Friday the Kinder and Year One had there Athletics Carnival and Chelsea came first in her heat and the First again in her 6 years girls final..... so she did run like the wind.

Chelsea was lucky enough to have both her great grandmothers and her great grandfather and her grandfather father all watching and they were all very proud indeed!


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I've Been Tagged !!!

I've been tagged.... Ok so Lee has tagged me, so here it goes.

5 random thing about me.

1. I have been knocked out on several occasions - once I was climbing a Walnut tree at my Nan and Pops and fell and smashed all my two front teeth, the upside was that it was at Easter and the Easter bunny came to me at home and in Hospital :0), down side is that I still have trouble with my caps :0(.

2. I love to play sports - Touch Football in the summer and Hockey in the winter, hate to ever think what I will do when I am to old and fragile to play.

3. I have an older sister a younger sister and a younger brother, my parents are separated. I have an Aunty who is only five weekes older than me so we are like sisters, and I was lucky enough to have all of my great grandparents bar one my Great Nan on my mum's mothers side.

4. I won the Poddy calf ride at the local Rodeo and beat all the boys - (they were not impressed.

5. Two things make me just about physically sick Leeches I am terrifed of Leeches even the thought of them makes my skin crawl and Sambouka (not sure on the spelling) I drank so much one night that now I can't even eat, smell or look at licorice.

Ok Nic Wright consider yourself tagged. ;o)

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Friday, August 26, 2005


Well it's Friday and it is a beautiful sunny day and I am getting ready for a very Busy weekend. Today Chelsea has her Kindergatren Athletics Day and she will run in her first Age race at school - she tells me she is going to "RUN LIKE THE WIND" :0) she loves running. Then it's off to Hockey training..... Tommorow night David's two neice's are making their Deb so we are getting all dressed up should be a good night, the only thing is I am up early to go to Wagga for my Classes so not too much drink for me.

Anyhow off too see Chelsea run like the wind..................

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Class Paper Bag Album

Have just finished the Paperbag Album that I am doing for my classes in Wagga these are quick and easy. For this one I am using Vagabond Basic Grey.

Hope they like it :0)


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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This and That

Well our weekend started of with cold and wet weather Chels and my Hockey games were called of and Royce played. He has been busting all year for wet weather and on his last game that's what they had. The Tigers played the Temora Dragons the 1st round Temora beat us the 2nd round it was a draw and on Saturday we won 48-12, the boys played fantastic and has a team Royce scrored 2 tries and converted he was a happery camper. We then headed to the club for luunch it was good not to have a relaxing arvo. Chelsea had a friend stay for the night, they both had their last Ballet lessons before exams on Staurday arvo.

Well Monday arrived and Chelsea had her Ballet exam she looked so pretty, she came out all excited and said she remembered all her steps (phew). Now they will get their dance ready for the end of year concert.I will post the photo's soon mum.

Soon I am off to Wagga to take Chelsea over to be fitted for her flowergirl dress not only is she excited about this but because I am picking her up from school early, it is also giving me the chance to pick up a few things, I have a deb ball on at the weekend and I have scrapbooking classess in Wagga so I need some things for these also.

My scrap studio is again a DISGRACE I just can't seem to keep it clean, tonight I will clean it as there is no way I can prepare class stuff in such a mess. Last night I completed my pages for a CJ group that I am in as there are 18 of us I am trying to keep my pages no so lumpy bumpy and believe it for me this is quite hard.

The CJ is Bet you didn't Know.......


In short the entry reads...............

  • I am a Justice of the Peace

  • I am studying to be a Teachers' Aide

  • I am addicted to chocolate

  • I have just recently kicked my 3 cans or more day Coco Cola habit

  • I couldn't divve into a swimming pool til at least 16 but could swim like a fish

  • Met David when I was 16 he was 22

  • Married after we had our little Boy Royce

  • Mum to Royce & Chelsea

  • Have 2 sisters one older and one younger and a younger brother

  • my parents are seperated

  • I have been knocked out 3 times last time fell out of a walnut tree and broke off my front teeth

  • I wonthe Pody calf ride at the local Rodeo aged 10 - the Boys were not happy :0)

  • I love to play sport especially Hockey and Touch Football, have been in way too many to count A grade women's finals and only lost 2 of them

  • My husband is a builder/concretor, I am a SAHM did work as a pay clerk at the council before moving to an Accountants in Tumut.

  • Dabid and I are owners of the Bayview Hotel in Bateman's Bay and the Hotel Coronation in Sydney which is across the road from the QVB or right next door to Town hall.

  • I have been diagonsed with Endrometriosis and have been trying for around 2 years for another baby, I am blessed with two children so all I can say is that we are havng fun trying seriously though some people go through life without ever experiencing motherhood so I we will tkae it as it comes.

  • I scrapbook everyday mainly at night and until the wee hours of the morning.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

My new CJ

Well I have just about finished my Yellow CJ I just have my 2 pages to add and it will be all complete. I have never really thought about scrapping yellow before and thought it would be hard. BUT it wasn't it was fun and you will never imagine all that is Yellow that I have added to my CJ lol. Hope Nic, Lee, Kate, Jane, Melissa and Amy like it.

Front Cover


Welcome Pages

Welcome_page Disc                                          

Sign In Pages

Sign_in_tags Sign_in_tags_2

and these are some of my pages - ran out of phot paper so I will post the rest tommorrow :0).......

Page_1 Kylies_pages

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SAD :0( BUT TRUE !!!!!

Okay girls the wait is over me - this morning I received my Masters back in the mail, yep normally I am happy to receive parcels in the mail but not today. It is quite stange the feeling get when your work comes back it is definetley a yucky feeling.

But I am quite surprised how well I have bounced back  - maybe because I also received a CJ in the mail and it has inspired me to keep on Scrapping or it could be for the fact that hey the big picture is I Scrap for me. Sure it would have been nice but it does not matter if I am a Master or not I am still going to scrap.

So good luck all your girls that still have not received yucky mail - my fingers are crossed for you all :0)!!!

Last night I also completed making my A - Z album I wanted to make my album from scratch so I used a technique that Fiona Carter displayed in last months SM using the twill tape and with a little guidance from Fiona herself here it is - a 8 x 8 album with lots of ribbon and the ABC charms hanging from the pins down the spine.... My theme is A - Z of  the Tout Family 2005, thought it would be great in years to come to pick up this album and have memories of 2005.....Az_album_cover I like it :0).

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Monday, August 15, 2005


What's on this WEEK!!

Well another busy week of course, Monday I am off to Wagga for my monthy Doc appointment Yeah only one more month to go..... and of course Chelsea has Ballet her exams are next Monday so this is her finally week of practise although she is going very well. Royce has running prac tommorrow he is off to Albury for his 100m soon, so he has been training to get his starts right and keeping fit. Tuesday is Ballet again for Chelsea, Wednesday Rouyce has training and Chelsea has Jazz, Thursday Chelsea has hockey training and Friday Royce has Football training. SOmewhere in between this I have to take CHelsea to Wagga to get a fitting for her Flowergirl Dress, pick up my bridesmaid Shoes and get my tickets for the Deb ball I have next at the end of the month!! already have something to wear :0).


On the Scrapping front well I am just a tad busy......

  • Am hoping to get a start on my A - Z Album I have all the stuff and my pages worked out in my head.

  • I have to prepare for my next class and I always have the following class also completed so the girls know what they are up to.

  • There is a new store opening up in Wagga at the end of the month, and I have been asked to teach two classes - so I am also going to get this under contol.

  • And last of all an most exciting of all I am involved in a new CJ group

"The Rainbow Journal" the six other very very very talented girls inolved in the CJ are Lee,Nic,Kate,Melissa,Amy & Jane.

My colour is YELLOW and I can't wait to start, this is a colour I would not normally scrap a lot but I am looking forward to it. I have already puled out what I have that is Yellowish :0) quite suprising really of course I have lots of yellow Ribbon, and some really groovy Heidi Grace Letters so it is going to be fun!!

After the mess I had in my studio this weekend I think I best clean up first!!!!.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Day in Canberra

Well today I spent the day in Canberra at the Canberra Quilt & Craft Fair, I took my Nan over for the day and we met up with my mum who lives in Canberra. We had a great day looking around the Fair and after some scrappy shopping, I went along to the Scrapbooking Memories Studio to say hi to Rebekka Erickson who is doing Demo's there all weekend. rebekka has just brought out her new range of stuff and it looks great - Stamos paper mini albums and other cute little BTP kits.

I also met Fiona Carter. WOW what a nice gal and she is so so talented, this girl can make an album out of anything (way to go Fiona). So if you are going to any of the craft fairs go along and check thes two girls out at the Scrapbooking Memories Studio!!!!

Okay the best part of my day was catching up with my dear friend Nic, have not seen her for ages and ages so it was good to have a chat and check out the shops, so thanks Nic had a good day with you :0)!!! Now it is time to check out my new goodies :)

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Inspiration Scrapbook Convention

     Well it's offical I am no: 55

Just booked for the ISC and can't wait to get there!!!

My Classes are:

Sat Sessions

  • 1 Spice it Up - Anita Oldham

  • 2 Take-out Treasures - Kerrin Quall

  • 3 These are My Favourites - Kate Mason

Sun Sessions

  • 1 Anything Goes Tags! - Heidi Grace

  • 2 Summer Sensation - Julie Mathews

  • 3 The White Album - Kate Mason

Yeah Kate can't wait to do your classes :0)

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Well last week I decided to send of a little paperbag album to Maria at Scrapboxx as my entry for the new design team member, I have been wanting to make one for ages. I love the Scrapboxx especially because my friend Nic is also on the design team and I mean who does not love her work. Also Kim Archer and Julie Love are DT girls too and what they do is also fantastic- but sadly this morning I got the email to say thanks but you have not been chosen. Not to worry Alison Stafford is the new design team member so congratulations Ali.

Below is my cute little Album which is now proudly on Display in My Scrap Studio. I have only included some tags and mnot all the pages :0)

Scrapboxx_cover Scrapboxx_page_1 Scrapboxx_page_4 Scrapboxx_tags_2

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My little Runner

Royce had his Combined Schools Carnival today and did very well indeed!!!

He came first in his age race, then in the Junior Boys ages 8,9,10's he came second in the Long Jump, fourth in the 200m, fifth in the 800m. We are now off to Albury to compete against Riverina. So you could probally tell that I am very proud of him.


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Reminicsing On old Layouts

After cleaning up some of my scap albums I came across some layouts I completed ages ago- they really made me realise why I scrap these two layouts shown are just two that I really love even though my style has changed they give me great memories and the photo's are soo cute!!! Won't it be great in years to come to pull albums and look back on your work , if the buzz I got when I came across these ones is any indication I can't wait.

Our_little_fish Swing_time

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

Ipod Shuffle

          Okay after wanting one forever :0) today I purchased an

Ipod Shuffle Check out all the great Ipod's here

The shuffle is smaller Ipod version an holds over 240 songs, lasts up to 12 hours and is only tiny, I love it 240 songs, a million different ways. The size is great for walking and I can't wait to test it out. Getting the songs onto the shuffle is so easy all you do is plug it into the USB port and place in your CD and tick which song you would like at import - easy pezy or you can also buy online. At the moment I have 56 songs added and still going, truly it is a great buy especially if you love listening to music while you exercise. I checked them out online but decided to but today at Harvey Norman's. Love Love Love it!!!!

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Friday, August 5, 2005


Yeah ISC Class Descriptions for Aussie Tutors only are uploaded and ready for us to feast our eyes upon :0), oooh I love the sound of them all - hey check them out for yourself  :0)          Inspiration Scrapbooking Convention - Penrith

                                   SEE YOU THERE  :0)

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Leather Coaster Album

I made this little album out of coasters ages and ages ago - though you might like to see it I think it is cute, could not add heaps to it as the clip would not shut.


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After searching for photo's for a recent CJ that I am invloved in, I found this photo of me and my two sisters I am on the left and then my little sister Melissa and older sister Deborah this is such a great photo.

View this photo

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Gorgeouse LEE !!!

My dear friend Lee talked ne through the new edition to my Blog her new music it is so cool I just had to have it - so thanks a million Lee the computer Whiz!!!

Lee Hope you all like :0)

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Royce had his first Athletics carninval with the whole school yesterday, and the day was perfect nice and sunny thank goodness. Royce competed in the Junior boys section which is ages 7's,8's,9's and 10's all up there was around 44 boys.

Royce competed extremely good he won his age race, came second in his 200m, 3rd in the longjump, 5th in 800m and 5th in the high jump he looked so cute in the final five of the high jump him being 8 and the other boys 10. He now gets to compete next Tuesday at the small schools carnival and if he excells there he goes to Albury!!!

                    WELL DONE ROYCE

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Creative or not so Creative

Well girls - please take no offence 2 comments in this post in regards to Creative Memories, I know I know they were the beginning of our whole Scrapbooking world but PLEASE, out of good faith and for a dear friend I attended a Creative Memories party on Sunday. For me personnaly it was a total wasted day of great scrapbooking that could have been had at home. We payed $10.00 to do do two pages for that $10.00 we got the choice of two cardboard strips and two cardboard triangles, not very generous.

My pages are below and beileve me this is all I could do with what I was given, I added chalk to one of them and was told that I should not really be adding chalk :0 ( 

um naughty me!!!

Anyone it was a relief to get back to my beloved Scrap Studio lol & back to lumpy bumpy!!! bright pages.

Creative_mem Creative_mem_2jpg

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